Welcome Your College Graduate Into The Next Phase Of Life With These Graduation Gifts


A magical transformation doesn't happen during college graduation ceremonies that turns your 20-something graduate into a career-focused, responsible adult. The fact is, there's probably a part of your graduate that still feels like a kid on the first day of kindergarten. Your college graduate is entering into a world of the unknown, and the next phase of life can be a scary thing. Give him or her the extra nudge needed to enter the world of working adults by purchasing one of these graduation gifts.

9 January 2016

3 Situations Where It Might be Cheaper to Hire a Printing Company to Print Your Materials


In your business setting, you more than likely have at least some sort of printer on hand that you can use to print out various printed materials for company purposes. However, it's not always the most affordable option to print your own printed materials. These are a few situations where it might be cheaper to hire a printing company to help with your next printing project. 1. You're Printing in Bulk

15 December 2015

Extend Barcode And Scanning With Great Features For Customers


For tracking inventory, ringing up purchases and providing passive security, barcodes and embedded data tags have made the modern storefront much more powerful. Unfortunately, the technology is more than commonplace, and you may need to innovate to add some value to your services. Take a look at a few ways to make use of data scanning technology that could grab and keep more customers.  Paired Information Delivery Quick Response (QR) codes and barcodes are able to deliver a lot of information, even before heading to the register.

23 November 2015

Improving Your Company's Product Management With Custom Manufacturing Tags


No matter what kind of product your company manufactures, keeping up with what you have in storage and what is going out to your customers is the most important aspect of assets management. Tagging can help you and your employees keep track of your products. When your products are not tagged, you risk losing track of dates and other important data regarding certain facts about different products. Manufacturing Tags Are Not Just Little Pieces Of Paper

28 October 2015

Three Ways To Control Monthly Operating Expenses In Your Business


When it comes to running your business, keeping your monthly operating expenses down is essential. You can increase profits by simply controlling your monthly expenses. Here are three ways to control costs while still making sure your office is equipped to handle day-to-day business.  Lease Your Computers and Printers Buying electronic equipment for your business can be more expensive than leasing, and it may even leave your company at a competitive disadvantage.

9 October 2015

Judge Your Book By It's Cover With These 3 Self-Publishing Design Tips


In the book world, a good cover can make or break consumer interest. When choosing a self-publishing service like online book printing, the cover design is usually in your hands. To help create the best cover possible, you want to focus on a variety of elements that will combine to convey the genre, themes, and feeling of the text inside. No matter how good your book is, people will not want to pick it up unless they are initially drawn by the cover design.

15 September 2015

Tips For Creating Rack Cards That Jump Off The Rack


In the travel and tourism industry, rack cards should have a primary spot in your budget. These cards are a great way to capitalize on impulse visits by tourists who are looking to fill a hole in their itinerary and gain added visibility from careful placement in display racks. Since rack cards need to be compact, it's essential that your design make the most of the available space. Here are some ideas to help you optimize your layout and create an attention-grabbing rack card.

3 August 2015