Extend Barcode And Scanning With Great Features For Customers


For tracking inventory, ringing up purchases and providing passive security, barcodes and embedded data tags have made the modern storefront much more powerful. Unfortunately, the technology is more than commonplace, and you may need to innovate to add some value to your services. Take a look at a few ways to make use of data scanning technology that could grab and keep more customers. 

Paired Information Delivery

Quick Response (QR) codes and barcodes are able to deliver a lot of information, even before heading to the register. Customers can scan the codes with their phones or other mobile devices and get instant information about the product. 

It's easy to use QR codes, but in a world where smartphones are already a part of the modern living experience and QR codes are no longer a novelty, you'll need to give cues and incentives for scanning certain codes. 

Delivering more information or better information is a constantly evolving feat of social science, but what if the customer doesn't care about details? What if they're just in to browse, compare prices or kill some time? While they're in your store, give them something to do and a reason to come back.

Make up a game or raffle system that delivers points for participation. While in your store, customers could scan certain codes in a hunt of sorts, seeking a specific product that is a daily, weekly or monthly winner for a special promotion. It may lead to a few customers searching too intensely, but such issues can be isolated and defended against once you establish rules specific to your store.

Look into augmented reality as well. Augmented reality (AR) apps can deliver an overlay of information across your existing storefront, such as projecting price tags and transparent images of your product as the camera goes across the code placed on price tags and product labels.

Create A New Product Based On Current Current Inventory

Your barcodes and data scanning can be more than just information delivery for your product. Businesses need to be multi-faceted and could benefit from offering more than a shopping experience.

Returning to augmented reality, there are AR games that take advantage of the technology. Some games use a series of cards with codes similar to QR codes, which can then broadcast an image or a part of a game. The game could be programmed with a pre-existing world inside your storefront, with barcodes creating specific game events. 

There are many ways to deliver the game to customers. The game could be played inside the store, but this may lead to clutter and frustration if the game becomes too popular. The game could be separate from the store, but with daily or weekly updates that can be gained from visiting the store. To drive sales, you could give bonuses for the game from purchases and keep a point system for regular customers.

Barcodes, QR codes and other data scanning technology can do more than simply grab prices and take inventory. Contact a barcode equipment professional to discuss innovative solutions or additional equipment for your own idea.


23 November 2015

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