Welcome Your College Graduate Into The Next Phase Of Life With These Graduation Gifts


A magical transformation doesn't happen during college graduation ceremonies that turns your 20-something graduate into a career-focused, responsible adult. The fact is, there's probably a part of your graduate that still feels like a kid on the first day of kindergarten. Your college graduate is entering into a world of the unknown, and the next phase of life can be a scary thing. Give him or her the extra nudge needed to enter the world of working adults by purchasing one of these graduation gifts.

Business Cards

It might seem odd to give business cards to someone who hasn't actually landed the job yet. However, business cards are useful networking tools that can be used for various reasons. So, consider ordering some unique business cards for your college graduate to use as a mini resume. Design the card so that the front of the card has the graduate's name, phone number, and email address displayed, and use the back of the card to highlight important resume details. Don't forget to purchase a sleek business card case to make the cards easy to carry. Printing companies like 4 Color Print and others can help you with specific details.

Industry or Skill-Related Books

The learning process doesn't stop once your child graduates from college. In fact, personal development and continued education are important in any field. Consider purchasing books that will help your graduate learn how to be successful in his or her field. For example, if your graduate is beginning a sales career, consider purchasing a few books on topics such as closing a deal or finding new leads. Alternatively, consider purchasing a few self-help books that will teach your graduate important life skills, such as time management or organization skills.

Briefcase or Laptop Bag

Even though people don't carry as much paper to and from work as they used to, they do carry an array of laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. A nice briefcase or laptop bag is something that your graduate can use on a daily basis. Just make sure you take his or her career choice and personal style into consideration when you choose the right bag. For example, someone entering the law field might like a nice leather briefcase with engraved initials, but that isn't a style that everyone would carry. If your graduate is entering into a career in a less professional environment, such as a photographer or writer, a messenger bag might be a better choice.

It's a major accomplishment to graduate from college. It's the point in time when your child's student life stops and his or her career life begins. Help your child make a smooth transition by purchasing a gift for your graduate that helps him or her feel at home in the professional world.


9 January 2016

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