Fun Things To Include When Mailing Your Wedding Invitations


Sending out wedding invitations is one of the fun traditions of being a bride. Savor the moment and take your time when getting your invitations together. If you're looking for a way to add a little extra fun to the tradition, include one or more of the following things with your wedding invitations.

A Small Gift

A small gift that's appropriate for the theme of your wedding is a good way to make your invitees smile. While it's not customary to send people a gift when you're simply inviting them to the wedding (which is a gift itself), it can be fun for both the sender and the recipient. The gift should be very small; think $1 or under in value. The following presents are small but meaningful, and they fit perfectly within nearly any wedding invitation.

  • A Love-Themed Bookmark - This can be customized with the name of the bride and groom. Alternately, it can simply be a bookmark with a quote on love and/or a visual representation of it.
  • Tea Light - You may include a quote on letting love light way with a decorative tea light.
  • Tape Measure - You may include a tape measure, which will be helpful for most crafters, sewers, or handymen. Include a quote on how love is measureless or have one customized.
  • Love-Themed Puzzle - Customize a puzzle with your engagement photo or other love-themed image to provide guests with a fun present that provides some amusement, too.

The "Basic Things You Need to Know" Card

A small, "Basic Things You Need to Know" card that's the size of a business card can be a convenient addition to your wedding invitation. It can easily be slipped into every invitation, and its small size allows guests to put it in their wallet for later reference. A perk is that these cards are very inexpensive to print, and you may choose a printer when you're deciding on the custom wedding invitation printing services that you need.

Some things to include on this card are:

  • The online address of your wedding website.
  • The exact times of the wedding and reception.
  • The address of the wedding and reception.
  • Details on any other festivities that are a part of the wedding.
  • A small saying that represents the love you share and/or theme of the wedding.

Finally, keep in mind that your wedding invitations are essentially the first part of your wedding that the recipients will receive. It sets the tone for what they can expect at your wedding festivities themselves. So take the time to make the invitations, such as those from Fleetwood Photo & Digital, truly your own and send them out with confidence.


7 June 2016

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