Introducing Your New Business At A Trade Show Event


If you just opened your own small business, your main concern is most likely gathering and keeping customers so you make money. One way to be successful in getting people interested in your wares or services is by going to a trade show to introduce your business to those attending. There are several ways you can grab the attention of those at the event so they take time to visit your booth to get familiarized with your business. Here are some tips you can use to make your time at the trade show effective in gaining customers as a result.

Offer Giveaways To Those Who Stop By

One sure way to get attention is by giving away something for free. Many trade show booth participants will give small tokens to those stopping by in an attempt to get them to buy something from their business in the future. Since you are showcasing a new business, having contact information on the item you give away is key in getting people to visit your establishment. 

Consider having custom embroidered shirts, hats, or bags made to give to each person who stops by your booth to take a look at what you are offering. These are great mementos that will get the word out about your business to additional prospective customers when the recipient wears the item. When others at the trade show hear you are giving away quality embroidered clothing, they will be sure to come to your booth to receive one of their own.

Contact a company like 2LC Graphics to learn more about custom embroidering services.

Hold A Contest To Gain Interest In Your Booth

Most people enjoy winning a prize. Think about holding a contest for all who visit your booth as word will spread quickly throughout the trade show to make sure to stop by your area to sign up. Display a poster near the entryway of your booth announcing the prize and the time of the drawing.

Have people write down their name, address, and phone number on a piece of paper to put inside a box. Select one piece of paper from the box at the designated drawing time. The winner will be delighted to receive a free item or service from your business. Follow up with mailings or phone calls to the others who had signed up for a prize to attempt gaining them as customers in the future.

 Attract Attention With A Great Display

Having an attractive display in your trade show booth will help get people to come closer to take a look at what you do at your business. Have each employee dress in the same outfit so those stopping by will know which people inside the booth will be able to answer questions. Having embroidered shirts showing the business name and phone number is a great way to get your information in the public eye in a professional manner. Provide onlookers with festive music to enjoy, brightly colored displays to view, and entertaining literature to take home with them.


26 July 2016

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