Make Embossed Flyers to Promote a Fundraiser


If you are attempting to promote a fundraiser for the non-profit agency that you volunteer at, the following steps will teach you how to make embossed advertisements that will stand out and attract the attention of many people. The advertisements may be viewed regularly, and you may be able to gain the donations that are needed as a result of this.


  • card stock
  • stencils
  • ruler
  • thin markers
  • photograph
  • scissors
  • two-sided tape
  • copy machine
  • newspaper
  • embossing ink pad
  • thin paintbrush
  • embossing powder
  • heat gun or hairdryer

Add Lettering, Numbers, and a Photo to a Piece of Cardstock

Decide what information you would like to display on the flyers. Use a ruler to line up stencils across a piece of cardstock that describes the fundraiser and provides contact information. Trace the stencils with a thin marker. If you would like to add a photograph to each flyer, select one that is fitting for the fundraiser that is going to be held.

For instance, if you are going to be holding a bake sale, a picture of baked goods will be sufficient. If you are going to be holding a rummage sale, a picture of clothing or odds and ends will work well. Use scissors to trim the edges of the photograph. Use pieces of two-sided tape to secure the picture to the cardstock.

Make Copies of the Flyer and Emboss Specific Parts of Each One

Use a copy machine that has a colored ink jet or cartridge installed in it to duplicate the original flyer. Make enough copies so that you can advertise the fundraiser in businesses throughout the area. Cover a table with newspaper. Line the flyers up, side by side. Emboss parts of each flyer. Use a thin paintbrush to apply embossing ink to any parts of each flyer that you would like to provide with a raised appearance that will stand out. Cover the ink with embossing powder when finished. Shake off any excess powder by slightly lifting up each copy.

Use a heat gun or hairdryer to melt the powder. Move either tool over the embossing powder for a couple of minutes. As the powder melts, it will form a smooth, raised surface. Do not overheat any of the areas, as doing so cause the paper to turn yellow. Use different colors of powder to provide all of the flyers with a bold, unique appearance.

Wait for the melted powder to dry before handling the flyers. Once this occurs, hang the flyers up in areas that many people frequent on a daily basis. The homemade flyers may assist with reaching the monetary goal that you have set for the fundraiser.


15 August 2016

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