Improving Your Company's Product Management With Custom Manufacturing Tags


No matter what kind of product your company manufactures, keeping up with what you have in storage and what is going out to your customers is the most important aspect of assets management. Tagging can help you and your employees keep track of your products. When your products are not tagged, you risk losing track of dates and other important data regarding certain facts about different products.

Manufacturing Tags Are Not Just Little Pieces Of Paper

When you think about a tag for one of your products, you may assume it is not a reliable way to track inventory. You might think tags are just paper and are easily destroyed or lost. However, when you choose a company that specializes in making tags, you can count on them being coated to resist tearing. You can also count on high quality tags being attached to products with string that is durable and attached to the tag with a grommet that is not easily torn out of the tag's coating. You can also choose to have wire instead of string for tying on your tags.

Consider The Environment Your Product Tags Will Be In

Your company may use chemicals during manufacturing that would have an adverse effect on paper tags. For this reason, choosing a tag manufacturer that uses resistant coating on their tags is important. You might also need to consider temperature and water resistance if your storage or workplace buildings are not air conditioned. An experienced tag manufacturer can help you make choices about the specific types of coatings your customized tags will require for being the most durable.

Custom Tags That Are Protected Yet Easy To Scan

While you want tag coating that is strong and able to protect your paper tags from external damages, you may also need that coating to be thin enough to allow successful scanning. Scanning is an essential aspect of most warehouses dealing with product storage and shipping. If your tags are unable to be scanned, they are doing you no good. A reputable tag maker will know exactly how much coating a tag needs for reliable protection while also being thin enough for bar codes to be scanned.

The choices you make about your company determine a great deal about your ultimate levels of success, even the little decisions about custom product tags. Always take the time to learn more about the tags you need for your products so you can rest assured you are making the most informed decisions about them.


28 October 2015

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