How To Create And Sell Custom Coloring Books


Creating and selling a custom coloring book is an excellent way to earn money and showcase your artistic talents. Thinking through the process ahead of time will make the process easier while not wasting money. 


Part of the design phase of your coloring book will be the format of the book. This includes whether your book will exist in physical or digital form. Ideally, you should create a coloring book that is available in all formats to increase the number of people who are willing to purchase the book. A physical book is the most common and unless you have a relationship with a publisher, you will have to print the book on your own and sell it online.

The book should be printed on mixed media paper, which gives the customer more flexibility in the medium they use for coloring. Having a digital version of your coloring book is important as well. You should have two digital versions. One that will allow the customer to print individual pages on their preferred paper and one that can be uploaded to apps that allow them to color on their mobile device. The virtual version of your coloring book needs to be made to work on all mobile and computer operating systems, even digital art tablets.

Binding And Selling

If you are selling physical copies of your coloring book, you will need to determine how the book will be printed and bound. You will likely want a soft cover with a glossy finish. This is the most economical binding that still gives the book a protective cover. How the pages are actually bound inside the book will be another concern. You should make it easy for customers to tear out pages so they can work on them outside the book itself. 

The best way to sell physical copies directly to customers is to have a website or online shop. Another option is selling via social media. To keep costs reasonable, use a custom printing platform that prints copies on demand. Although it takes more time to reach the customer, you are not left with unsold physical copies of a book. For digital copies, find platforms that allow you to self-publish. One of the benefits of these platforms is many of them take a percentage from each sale so you don't have to pay upfront. 

Custom coloring books are an easier way to showcase your artwork and turn it into revenue. To be successful, you need to make the book available in various formats so it's more accessible to people. 

Contact a local printing service to learn more about making custom coloring books.


19 May 2023

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