Aspects To Focus On When Choosing Sorority-Themed Congratulations Cards


A congratulations card is the perfect memento your sorority can send out to sisters that join. If you want them to have a great impact and give new members something to truly appreciate, make sure you review these card aspects. 


When new members of your sorority receive their congratulations cards in the mail, they'll physically touch them while looking them over. You thus need to choose the right material that makes these experiences all the better.

You have several popular card material choices like traditional paper, cardstock, and cardboard. You just need to think about your budget and the thickness you want these cards to have. For instance, if you have money to spend and want a durable material option, cardboard might be an amazing choice. Whereas if you want to save money, paper congratulations cards can serve your financial needs better.


One of the more important visual elements of a sorority congratulations card is the color scheme that's used. Odds are, your sorority will already have one in place. It might be red and white or blue and green. You need to make sure the color scheme of these cards falls in line with this sorority color scheme.

You may know what colors to choose, but you need to verify color accuracy with a card maker. Have them send over samples of your congratulations cards so that you can make sure the colors on them match up perfectly with your sorority's colors.


How much you spend on congratulations cards for new sorority members is heavily predicated on card size. As such, you want to make sure you're going with an optimal size that doesn't cause you to waste money on these card purchases.

It's smart to order sample card sizes from a manufacturer and then visualize elements on them. You can then see what's going to work best. Also, think about the experience new sorority members will have when holding these cards. If they were too big, then that could create an awkward experience. Whereas if they were too small, they may have difficulty reading the text that they include. 

If you're buying sorority-themed congratulations cards, such as Delta Sigma Theta congratulations cards, to make new members feel welcome early on, then you want to carefully review key attributes. Spend time ironing out these details and then it shouldn't be very hard to choose great-looking sorority congratulations cards that are able to last over the years. 


28 April 2022

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