4 Things You Want In A Copier For Your Small Business


Running a small business doesn't mean that you have less paperwork. A small business has just as much need for a copier and printer in this digital age as a big business. When it comes to purchasing a copier for your small business, you want to make a strong investment.

Thing #1: Volume

First, you are going to want to consider how much volume you are going to go through. Many professional copiers will include stats about how much volume the machine can handle per month without breaking down or shortening its lifespan.

You will want to consider what your current volume is and then add a little bit to it so that you can get a good idea of how much you'll need to print monthly. You will want to purchase a copier that can more than handle the volume you need each month so that you don't stress out the machine and get the most possible usage from it.

Thing #2: Quickness

Just because you are a small business doesn't mean you want to sit around forever waiting for your copies. Your time is valuable. That is why you are going to want to consider how quickly the copier can produce copiers. Faster copies tend to cost more, but they can also save you time and increase your productivity, making investing in a faster copier a good trade-off over the long run.

Thing #3: Hard Driver

You want your printer to have a hard drive. When you have a hard drive, you can allow print jobs to queue up when the machine is busy, allowing people just to send print jobs, and get them when they are done, instead of having to wait around for the device to not be busy before sending a print job. Additionally, with a hard drive, if you have documents that you need to scan and send electronically, the documents can be stored in the hard drive until it is time to send them.

Thing #4: Wireless Capabilities

Finally, you want a machine that has wireless capabilities. That way, everyone in the office can send print jobs, and you can scan documents and send them digitally. A copier that requires a hardwire connection is extremely limiting with modern technology, so you will want to get one that has wireless capabilities. Be sure that you can also implement security features with wireless capabilities.

When it comes to purchasing a copier for your small business, you want one that can more than handle the volume of work that your business does and that can produce copies quickly enough. You also want one with a wireless capacity and a hard drive. 

Talk to a supplier to find a copier for sale in your budget.


17 September 2021

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