Custom Business Card Printing: 4 Factors You Should Consider


Business cards play a vital role as they serve as a marketing tool and help you attract new clients. They also demonstrate a high level of professionalism and are easy to distribute. However, if you want optimal results from your business cards, you should customize them, depending on your target clients and what you wish to achieve.

Customized cards can be more effective than ordinary ones. Therefore, you need to ensure that you customize your cards to meet your unique needs. Here are four factors to consider during custom business card printing.

1. Information

The information that appears on your business card should represent your brand. Hence, you should include your company name, logo, slogan, address, phone number, address, and email and web addresses. Even with all these details, your card should look simple.

Moreover, you should use your theme colors on the card but limit the variety of colors. Lighter shades enhance legibility and are likely to work for your business. Ensure you work with a card designer to get quality customized business cards.

2. Size

When designing the business cards, you can choose the desired size. Therefore, you need to decide the most suitable size or consult the printing service providers to guide you. You can select the standard business card size or print larger ones that look like mini brochures.

3. Shapes

You can create a rectangular, square, or circular business card. However, you can go a step further by customizing the shape according to your business type. For instance, if you run a daycare business, your card can be in a teddy bear shape. If you have a coffee shop, your card can be in the shape of a coffee cup.

Interior designers and architects can create cards with geometric patterns. If you are in the music business, your card can be in the shape of an instrument. Therefore, you need to develop creative ideas and then hire a printing service that can execute the idea flawlessly.

4. Material

A high number of business cards are made of paper, but this is not the only option. You can also use metal, PVC plastic, or acrylic. Each of these materials offers unique advantages, and you can choose one based on your preference and objectives. For instance, paper business cards can support a wide array of shapes, plastic ones are water-resistant, and metallic cards are more durable than the other two options.

Custom business card printers can help you create a card that promotes and boosts your business. If you need business cards, ensure you pay attention to these factors for the best experience.    


30 April 2021

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