2 Reasons To Consider Screen Printing Services For Your T-Shirt Project


If you need t-shirts printed, you may want to consider screen printing. This is an ideal option for individuals who need to have a specific shirt design printed on multiple shirts. Sometimes business owners use screen printing to make shirts for their employees. This is an affordable way to ensure that employees are clearly identifiable. The following points will help you understand more about screen printing processes and why it might be beneficial for personal or commercial purposes.

Advanced Sampling

Ordering a large number of shirts might be intimidating if it is your first experience. You may have worries about the results and want to ensure that your shirts are printed correctly. This is why it is ideal to use a professional company that can provide samples. Technology has made it possible to see how finished screen printed items will look. This is a process that is referred to as a mock-up. It is a virtual means to "try before you buy." The printing company can change colors, move objects, and perform other tasks in their software to ensure your satisfaction. This also can reduce the chances of costly mistakes such as name misspellings or forgotten information occurring because you will see the design before the shirts are printed. You may also be able to request a print of a physical sample. 

Long-lasting Results

You likely want the shirts you get printed to last a long time. Ideally, you want the printing to remain intact and look presentable after washing the shirts a few times. If the shirts are for business, quality printing can ensure that your business's image is good. If given for gifts or for events such as family reunions, you want the recipients to be able to enjoy their memorable shirts even after the event is over. Screen printing utilizes thick inks that are durable. The end results last a long time and can withstand many washes. The printing may last as long as the user desires to wear the garment. Fading and wearing off after a few washes are unusual circumstances and should not occur when garments are washed and treated like everyday clothing. You may have branded clothing that underwent a screen printing process and wondered why the colors remain vibrant and intact. The same processes are used to design custom screen printed items. 

A screen printing company is a good resource to use to learn more about getting printed items. These companies usually offer more than one type of printing service. Your project might be better suited for digital printing, and a professional can help you determine this.  


30 October 2020

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