Planning Your First Post-Inauguration Swag Order? What Should You Keep In Mind?


If you've been working hard on a campaign committee during the most recent election cycle, you may have been overjoyed at your candidate's victory -- and then immediately overwhelmed at what this victory may mean from a planning perspective. While your focus may once have been on goodies to hand out on the campaign trail, you're now going to need to design and purchase an assortment of items branded with your candidate's name, face, and message to pass out to constituents -- and once your candidate has been elected, it's important not only to project an image of fiscal responsibility but to make judicious use of public resources. Read on to learn more about several inexpensive ways to showcase your area's newest elected official.

Branded memo totes

Tote bags can serve a variety of purposes, from hauling files from the office to carrying groceries or treats -- and with many cities moving to ban or assess a steep tax on plastic bags in groceries and convenience stores, these totes are more handy than ever. More photogenic candidates may want tote bags emblazoned with their image, while others could lean toward a bright, catchy logo above a campaign slogan. These branded totes can be given away on their own or filled with other promotional materials or documents as part of a legislative seminar or continuing education session sponsored by your candidate. 

Office supply items

Certain items like sticky notes, notepads, and high-quality pens are hot commodities in many industries, and getting your candidate's name and contact information on these office supplies can be one of the most effective and efficient ways to gain name recognition among local community members. Adding additional contact information like social media handles and website addresses to the bottom of these notepads and sticky notes can be a great promotional tool, and with the various analytic software available, you'll be able to get a good idea of how much additional traffic is being driven to your candidate's web site or social media pages as a result of your office supply promotion.


Another great way to ensure your candidate is accessible and easily reachable by his or her constituents is to put his or her name and contact information on a compact magnet. From pinning papers to filing cabinets to serving as office refrigerator decor, magnets have a number of discrete uses in both personal and professional environments, and a promotional magnet can give your candidate's constituency the means with which to get in touch whenever the need arises. 

Contact local printing services, such as The Bag Ladies, for help with all these new tasks. 


12 December 2016

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