3 Tips For Designing An Engaging Research Poster


As a student, you will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of research projects throughout your college career. Presenting the findings of these projects can be a great way to further your education and share your research with the world. Many conferences allow students to give poster presentations that outline the details of their research.

Here are three tips that you can use to ensure your research poster is as attractive as possible.

1. Remember that less is more.

As you design your research poster, it's important to keep in mind that you want to provide information about your research project in a clear and concise way. Posters that contain large blocks of information can intimidate the viewer, and those walking through a hall filled with posters likely won't stop and take the time to read through dense paragraphs.

Use bullet points to outline your main ideas, and allow these bullet points to draw the reader in so that you can interact with him or her to share more details about your project through conversation.

2. Keep your color palette simple.

Using too many bright colors in the design of your poster can make the poster look childish. Since your research is likely far from frivolous, you want to present the information in a way that reflects the serious nature of your research material.

Using a simple color palette that limits your design to just a few primary colors will help prevent your poster from looking too busy. As an added bonus, a simple color palette can reduce printing costs as well.

3. Use graphics to convey information.

Whenever possible, use graphics to convey valuable information. If your research poster contains only text, viewers will quickly become bored and not want to engage with your poster in any way. By converting your findings into graphs, photographs. or charts, you are able to convey vital information in a visually interesting way.

Incorporating these graphics into your poster's design helps to break up large blocks of text so that your poster is more pleasing to the eye. This will help draw more visitors as you present your poster at conferences in the future.

Presenting your research in poster form can be a great way to let others within the academic community know about your interests and findings. Be sure that your poster is serving its intended purpose by designing a layout that isn't too wordy, features a simple color palette, and has visually-interesting graphics that convey information to the viewer. For more information, contact local professionals like Big Research Posters.


24 October 2016

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