Judge Your Book By It's Cover With These 3 Self-Publishing Design Tips


In the book world, a good cover can make or break consumer interest. When choosing a self-publishing service like online book printing, the cover design is usually in your hands. To help create the best cover possible, you want to focus on a variety of elements that will combine to convey the genre, themes, and feeling of the text inside. No matter how good your book is, people will not want to pick it up unless they are initially drawn by the cover design. The following three tips can help you design a cover that will stand out when using digital book printing services.

Font Selection

The font you choose for your book title can make a big difference in visuals. You want something that is easy to read but still looks like a professional book. A font featuring a Sans Serif base is bold with straight letters and easy to read text. Once you have a font selected, you can manipulate it even more to help make your title unique. For example, you can change the spacing between the letters or change the thickness of each letter to help fill the cover more.

Stock Photos

Instead of worrying about using your own photography, the cover of your book can stand out with some good stock photography selection. To help your title stand out, you want to select a background image that features a lot of blank space. For example, if your book features a butterfly theme, a cover could pop more with a single butterfly positioned on a colored background instead of dozens of butterflies that clutter the text.

Stock photos should have colors and contrast that will help your title still stand out while appealing to the themes and ideas of a story. If you choose pictures with people, ensure that the images match the characters in your novel as close as possible.


Adding a small sub-title to the cover of your book can help entice readers even more to read it. The sub-title should be a short tagline that draws the reader in by hinting at the plot or emotional core of the story. For example, if you had a book entitled "The Rookie Detective," an effective sub-title could read "His first case could be his last...". The sub-title section could also feature a review quote of the book. This can help encourage readers to purchase your book based on popular opinions.

The sub-title should appear in a different font and as smaller text so that it is not confused for the actual title of the book. Limit your book cover to one sub-title so that the front of the book is not overcrowded.

While the text is the most important part of a book, your cover will be judged before a page is even read. Take extra time to craft an ideal cover design before sending the book to a printer.

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15 September 2015

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