Tips For Creating Rack Cards That Jump Off The Rack


In the travel and tourism industry, rack cards should have a primary spot in your budget. These cards are a great way to capitalize on impulse visits by tourists who are looking to fill a hole in their itinerary and gain added visibility from careful placement in display racks. Since rack cards need to be compact, it's essential that your design make the most of the available space. Here are some ideas to help you optimize your layout and create an attention-grabbing rack card.

Maximize the Visual Effects

Racks that hold rack cards are usually full of many different types of cards, all vying for the attention of tourists who scan them quickly on the way through the lobby or into their hotel room. To capture attention, you need to have a card that stands out. Focus on the use of original pictures that truly represent your location, and include bright, bold colors that make the card stand out. Skip the stock images and represent the best things about your attraction in clear, custom pictures.

Focus on Branding

Remember that your rack cards will represent your business, and even many of the people who don't pick up your card specifically are still going to see it when scanning through the racks. As a result, you need to make sure that your brand is clearly represented. Stick with the same colors, quality and content that you use in the rest of your marketing materials. This gives you consistency that helps to build and reinforce your brand identity.

Plan Your Content

Don't rush through your rack card design and end up with a card that's vague, scattered or otherwise a poor representation of what you have to offer. Take time to plan out your copy carefully so that you can be sure it conveys the message you're aiming for. Start by trying to come up with a defining statement of five or six words. This can be your attention-grabbing line at the very top of the card. It may encourage more people to grab and read your card – so think carefully about what your attraction has to offer and how you can summarize that directly. Consider something catchy by playing with alliteration or other marketing techniques.

Making the most of your marketing money isn't always easy. If you are in an area where rack cards are popular, you need to set yours apart. With these tips, you can create rack cards that are more likely to draw in customers.

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3 August 2015

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