Top 4 Tips And Tricks To Increase Copier Sales


The key to selling copiers is to increase your pool of clients and customers. Once you have a large pool of clients, it's essential to capture their interest and attention. When you have a client's interest, they will buy. But how do you grow your client list? How do you keep customers interested? Here are four tips to increase copier sales:

1. Target new businesses.

Watch the newspaper for new businesses that are opening soon in your area. Approach the owner of the business and show them what you have to offer. Explain how your copier will help their business be productive. Because the business is new, they are in need of a copier and likely don't have one yet. This is the perfect opportunity to capture a client.

2. Know what cold calling is.

Many salespeople are afraid of cold calling. It's the most dreaded aspect of the job. The fear of rejection keeps many salespersons from utilizing this valuable tool. If the thought of cold calling makes your blood run cold, you should remind yourself what cold calling is. When you call a potential client, tell yourself that your goal is not to make a sale. Your goal is to get to know the potential client and his or her needs, as well as to let them know what you and your company have to offer. You will be relaxed and willing to make those calls, which in turn will increase your copier sales.

3. Give the client a free trial.

If you have a client who seems interested but needs a little more convincing to make a purchase, let the client do a test run. Allow the client to try the copier for one or two business days with no obligation. The client will see for him or herself how useful and necessary the copier is for the business and will fall in love. When you come to pick up the copier you will find that the client does not want to part with it. Check with other local companies, like A1 Image, to see what kind of trial plans they offer.

4. Offer repair and maintenance plans.

One of the biggest hurdles from the perspective of a client is copier upkeep. The client wants to know they will be taken care of if anything happens to the copier. While you're closing a deal, offer the client maintenance and repair plans. Explain each plan and allow the client to choose the one that best suits their needs. If a client is on the fence about making a purchase, this can be the one aspect that will make the deal.

These four tips can help you secure clients and increase your copier sales.


21 July 2015

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